Following Proper Etiquette Is Important When Watching A Classical Concert

Many of us feel so excited to attend musical shows including classical concert, rock concert, and others. Classical concert is much different from rock concert because we have to wear a formal outfit, stay quiet, and unexpected outburst of gratefulness is disapproved of.

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If you are planning to watch the classical concert for the first time don’t get confused, by following simple tips, you can make your experience memorable and more enjoyable.

Wear perfect outfit

You can wear an outfit depending on the concert type you want to watch. For classical concerts, you can pick something not too formal or casual. Mostly, the events will last for a long duration, so choose a comfortable dress to enjoy your musical concert. Also, avoid hats or caps because it obstructs the others view behind you.

Arrive before time

Try to arrive nearly 30 minutes before the time at the location. By this, you will get sufficient time to find your seat and you will get an opportunity to see the venue, especially if it is architectural or historical venue.

Wandering, standing up in between show or leaving hall before the end of the concert is disrespectful and these activities also disturbs others. Reside in your assigned seat and watch the performance till the end.

Stay quiet, and still

It is the quiet essential rule in the concert etiquette. Avoid singing or humming music, whispering, talking, and whistling to the performances. With this, other people may distract attention. Paying attention and listening to the performance is the best way to appreciate a concert.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit still, but actions like tapping feet, cracking knuckles, chewing gum, and stretching hands or legs when you seated are inappropriate. It distracts both musicians and viewers, so keep other things like drinking, eating, etc aside and concentrate on the concert.

Also, follow the venue rules and regulations such as don’t take photographs or video while concert is going on, or others. Whether it is rock or classical concert, music is the best therapy and it gives everyone a good experience.

There are few venues that provide even free tickets for the viewers. So, choose the best venue and book your ticket today to watch the classical concert.